Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To San Francisco!

I must admit, I left my heart there back in 2000.

That was the first time I went to San Francisco, and fell in love with that shiny city.  The colors, the sunlight on technicolor townhouses, the fog and chill and crashing waves, the energy of a place where people live and do so with abandon.  

I'm going there again tomorrow to meet up with a slew of old friends.  Old friends are the very best kind (especially when they happen to live in glorious destination cities).  

I know that SF is a destination itself for some of the greatest food in the West.  My old friends and I will surely hit a jewel or two, besides the wine tasting we're planning among the vineyards.  However, I fully expect that the most memorable meals I'll have will be the ones that are casually eaten, casually prepared by ourselves, at home and lounging on carpets and sofas. 

I'll be sure to collect photos and tidbits of bites to seek out... I already have a few in mind to return to from the last journey.

See you soon.

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